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She said to compensate she'll suck my dick all day long. Well that's all good and well I guess, since it is some fire size, but I like to please a girl as much as I like receiving my pleasure So Pussies been waiting for her to come around.

Well she started texting me last friday, telling me she was going to die and she was so horny, and she would pay me to come fuck her.

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I hate driving. Well we fuck for about 10 minutes and i want to change into a better position cuz i am hittin it like spider man feet on the top of the glass and shit you knwo what i mean.

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So i hit the light and i am like damnit. She had been doing kegels because my dick is the same dimensions are a gillete shave gel zero the russian vagina girl one I seen bigger ones anyways when i was in school and we took community showers. Oh yeah The point of the message is I miss hoodrats