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Ms Kaingu said not even her controversial background will make her give up the contest for elections. She said the current MP has failed the people of Choma adding that she is the only person who german porn blog correct the situation.

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One of the factors that contributed to the bumper harvest is that we had good rains. After years of declining harvests, Choma has recorded a huge increase in production. I believe hotpornopics business for development. We need to invest the little we have in business so that with the profit, we can then invest in social service provision.

Every coin has to make another coin before it goes to social services.

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I will work with two companies from Malaysia to develop water harvesting and irrigation business so that our farmers can have access to water all year round. We have plenty of water in Zambezi pornstar Kafue rivers. This will ensure smooth input and produce marketing. We need to embrace agriculture zambian develop it to keep pace with continental and global innovations.