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One underrated factor in clip decision-making process will be waiver eligibility. Likeliness to make the Leafs next year: Likeliness to be youngleafs off nnteen pic Very high.

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Very slim. Up in the air. Griffith was claimed three times last year; twice by Toronto and once by Florida, having started the season in Boston.

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The second Toronto claim was made in large part because it allowed them, as a prior rightsholder within the season, to assign him to the AHL directly. Expected Solution: Probably waived in October, in hopes of being a top winger for the Marlies once again. Barring some mega blockbuster, Mo is obviously staying with the team.


He just happens to fit these qualifiers. Not to mention, signed for the youngleafs haul too. Probably in a diminished role, given all the gossip about clip Leafs going after a higher-end right-handed defenceman. Probably not going anywhere, unless the Leafs make a trade in the next two hours ahead of the roster freeze for a defenceman and require him to be exposed.