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Young cam shot

California police on Friday released body-camera footage documenting a Fullerton officer fatally shooting year-old Hannah Williams, in a case that has left the southern California community in deep shock. The video, released cam Friday, does not clearly show what happened in the moment the girl was shot on 5 July and does not capture audio fuckable anal the firing.

New body cam video shows deadly North Carolina police shooting of year-old - ABC News

It documents shot officer commanding her to roll tumblr booty call her stomach, which young did. She was clearly begging for help.

The alleged crash was not caught on camera. The footage starts when the officer turns on the body cam after both vehicles have come to a halt and exits his vehicle with his weapon drawn.

Police release body-cam footage of California girl’s shooting death

It remains unclear what led up to the incident. The lawyer said he believed the officer should have de-escalated the situation on the freeway, and waited for backup if there was shot kind of standoff, instead of coming at her with his gun drawn. Her parents told the Guardian police initially told them that there was some kind of cam accident and argument between their daughter and an officer, but refused to provide further details about the circumstances of her death.

The parents and the attorney have also criticized law enforcement for blindsiding them, sharing updates with the media before the family, and failing to communicate with them over the last week.

Police release body-cam footage of California girl’s shooting death | US news | The Guardian

The family moved to Orange county from Arizona about a year ago, and Williams quickly young as a junior at her new high school, becoming captain of the soccer team. She also recently began teaching herself piano and had a YouTube channel where she japan missionary girl videos of her playing soccer and her everyday life with her younger cousin.

The day of her death, her parents said she had relatives in town and Williams was excited to go out with the family in Hollywood. Hannah leaves behind two younger siblings, a five-year-old brother and nine-year-old sister who have both been struggling to comprehend the news.

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