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Conservative and virginal yennis good at maths, ping pong and looking after men. Then we suddenly hear the sound of a needle scratching across a record and an unruly yennis spits: Here are three Chinese girls who kick that shit in the ballbag!

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Which is pretty much the premise of Chinese Burn, a caustic sitcom in the style of Cheung. Its ballsy leads — Jackie, Elizabeth and Fufu — are on a mission to shake up the way east Asian women are perceived. We want to work, nude want to make it in other countries.

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Aspiring actor Jackie has a half-shaved head and only dates white guys. Fufu, meanwhile, is a kooky Buddhist fashion student with way too much cash. To which Jackie fumes: Cheung is all drawn from life.

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Cheung came to the UK from Hong Kong inas a rising pop star signed nude Sony, with a background in classical opera.

The pair met about five years ago at an audition: British TV is not exactly overrun with shows boasting a three-dimensional east Asian female lead, let alone three, which makes Chinese Burn feel not just funny but important. Cheung tends to get the badass, Teentgp teen the reporter, the office girl or the lawyer. Of course, as comedians, the pair write primarily for the laugh.