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This diary includes language xxxpornxxx a frank and explicit nature. It is not prurient but includes slang terms for various sexual acts.


Now that I've got your attention, I'd like to talk about porn. The Nude celebrity stars Administration has made it a priority of the Justice Department to shut down pornographers.

Indeed, one of the fired US Attorneys got in trouble for not making obscenity cases one of his priorities. This is hardly the most shocking development to come out of this xxxpornxxx.

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As social conservatives, I'd be shocked xxxpornxxx they had anything good to say about pornography. Paying people to have sex, filming it and then selling the tapes to other people who will derive sexual pleasure from witnessing the acts is not all that popular with Focus on the Family. Nor is this the most dangerous policy to come out of the White House.

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Cough Iraq cough. For sake of clarity, let's get a few things defined.