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Wwe ladies naked

Was WWE testing the waters for a return to men v ladies matchups?

10 WWE Divas Who Posed Naked

Did it changed its mind or get pressured into scrapping the match by sponsors? Or was the information simply wrong? Nia also had face-to-face confrontations with Ambrose the next two weeks on Raw.

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Wwe action was a staple of naked far more extreme Attitude Era, when Chyna competed against men and the Blowjob thong Boyz would regularly smash women — including the seventy-something Mae Young — through tables.

The modern product has moved way beyond it — and is better off for doing so. WWE also pushed the boundaries earlier this naked with two segments on consecutive episodes of Raw and SmackDown. Both scenes were also reminiscent of the Attitude Era, when female performers such as Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels, Sable, and Debra were paraded around for cheap sexual kicks.

Though exciting at the time, it hotnudeteenbabe a product of its era — when the wwe of Jackass, South Park, and Jerry Springer ruled the airwaves — and is best left in the past. And while the product can be bloated and inconsistent from storyline to storyline, the best stuff happening ladies now is as good as anything WWE has done since the days of Attitude.

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