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Worlds record nudity

Guinness World Record for largest ever skinny dip shattered as 2,500 women strip naked in Ireland

Sleeping, reading, household chores and driving immediately come to mind as fitting into the naked friendly category. Of course, these day to day naked activities happen mostly in the realm of worlds private, often without the knowledge of neighbors, friends and co-workers. On the one hand, Western culture has long celebrated worlds human form as a subject of beauty.

Starting with the Greeks, much of western art continues to celebrate the human body in sculpture and art. Nudity nudity also an integral part of the original Olympic Games.

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On the other hand, attitudes regarding public nudity often change, depending on time and circumstance. Currently many areas of the Western world, including the United States, Europe and Australia tolerate, if not celebrate group expressions of public nudity.

A few, but not all, of the current naked records even receive a Guinness Record of Records certification. These are ten of the most bizarre record world records currently held.

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Amusement park roller coaster rides tend to challenge the courage of most clothed people. Now think about naked roller coaster riding.

World Skinny Dip Record at Rhythm & Vines (CONTAINS NUDITY) | Scoop News

Chubby tan teen British tradition, if one can call a few competitive attempts a tradition, also boasts a world record. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current record for a group naked roller coaster ride was set in by a group of riders at an amusement park in Scotland.

The proceeding of the event went to a local charity.