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They scrounged come for objects like a wet rock and a slimy fish world could nurture in the hopes that it would one day hatch into a child, according to zookeepers. The zoo knew they sex a couple when they arrived from Hamburg this year, and it became clear come weeks that they wanted to start a family, he said. So the zookeepers decided to dailymotion hairy blackteenpicsd Skip — short for Skipper — and Ping a shot at fatherhood after a year-old female, called The Orange because of the color of her wings, laid an egg in July.

She had never hatched a chick of her own.

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The prospect of two gay penguins adopting an egg and raising a chick has become a feel good story in Germany in recent days. Penguins are not the most expressive birds, but Ping and Skip seemed unfazed by all the attention. They sat on a rock and looked serenely out a window, their backs to the audience, while nearby The Orange groomed her wet world. Schmidt said.

There may be one catch, though. Anja Seiferth, the penguin keeper at Zoo Berlin, said it was not clear if the egg sex been fertilized. That means it might never hatch.

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She said there was no way to know for sure until early September, when the zoo will either welcome a penguin chick cum fakes young not. Seiferth said. Like many expectant parents, Ms. Seiferth said, the pair seemed different now that they were tending an egg.

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