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Women sex organs

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Reproductive Organs

Cologne, Germany: August 23, ; Last Update: June 19, ; Next update: The female sex organs make it possible for women to become pregnant and give birth to children. But they have other important jobs, too: They produce hormones, control the process of girls maturing into grown women, masturbation effects make sex and sexual pleasure possible. Like men, women sex external and internal sex organs.

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The external sex organs allow for sexual intercourse and sexual pleasure. The skin and mucous organs on the external sex organs — especially on the head glans of the clitoris, the inner labia women the vaginal vestibule — have a lot of nerves and are very sensitive.

As a result, touching and rubbing this area can cause sexual arousal and increased pleasure that may lead to orgasm.

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The structures of the female clitoris and the male penis are similar because they develop from the same organ when the baby starts growing in the womb. The clitoris is mostly inside the body, and reaches from a joint in the middle of the pelvis the pubic symphysis to the front wall of the vagina.