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Wilderness babe se

Twenty-four hours ago I came off the water from a mile solo canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness.

Being a Babe

The magnitude of the experience is only just beginning to sink into my bone marrow and become a part of Me, this list of moments, images, smells. I slept on a bed of dried sphagnum moss. I scrounged, sawed down to size, and split my own firewood. I dispensed with all table manners, shoving food into my maw, wiping at my mouth wilderness the back of my hand. I was, at different times sometimes all at babecold, wet, tired, sore, hungry, hot, angry, exhausted, exhilarated, at peace, and struck abjectly dumb by the beauty all around me.

All-Babe Wilderness Trip

Prior to my trip, when people would ask where I was going, upon learning what I intended to do, for some, my Woman-ness was an important consideration. Afraid of what exactly?

extreme hotpants pics

Teen beauty photo I was a woman, who plotted her own route, who had taken two prior solo canoe trips, who is physically fit and most days of sound mind…that is enough. Sufficient resume for man or woman.