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Sweating sicknessalso called English sweat or English sweating sicknessa disease of unknown cause that appeared in England as an epidemic on europa teen xxx occasions—in, and It was confined to Englandexcept in —29, when it spread to the European continentappearing in Hamburg and passing northward to Scandinavia and eastward wife LithuaniaPolandand Russia; the Netherlands also was involved, but with the exception of Calais a seaport in northern Francethe disease did not spread to France or Italy.

Apart from the second outbreak, all the wife were severe, with a very high mortality rate. The disease was fully described by the physician John Caiuswho was practicing in Shrewsbury in when an outbreak of the sweating sickness occurred. The illness began with rigors, headache, giddiness, sweating severe prostration. After one to three hours, violent, drenching sweat came on, accompanied by severe headache, deliriumand rapid pulse. Death might occur from 3 to 18 hours after the first onset of symptoms; if the patient survived for 24 hours, recovery was usually complete.

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Occasionally there was a vesicular rash. Immunity was not conferred by an attack, and it was not unusual for patients to have several attacks. Each epidemic lasted for only a sweating weeks in any particular locality. Since the only outbreaks of a disease resembling the English sweat have been those of the Picardy sweat, which occurred frequently in France between and In that illness, however, there was invariably a rash lasting for about a week, and the mortality rate was lower.

It is difficult to know what the sweating sickness really was.

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Caius attributed it to dirt and filth.