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Top 20: Best Big Ass Pornstars with Bubble Butts (2019)

We are talking big, beautiful butts. Since there are over 3 billion whores in this world and god knows how many in the universe, we have picked some of the biggest, roundest and curviest female asses there are. Yes, everyone has a butt and with a nice pair of heels you can fool a lot of men, but this is a true to life list.


The most beautiful, pink assholes from all over the globe. Not only that, but a anal of these do anal too. I mean, what is a point of a giant butt if you do not fuck it? This list will feature white female models only, if you are not into that, please check our posts on widest Asian asses and best black asses.

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I have read that the reason for us men liking pornstar asses is simple. Too bad that all of them are whores. This is one of my least favorite packages, mostly because the pussy is way too close to the edge of the overall shape.


There is a lot of meat eric black naled volume, but I am missing those juicy curves that define it all.