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Water dargon

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The Water Dragon is Australia's largest dragon lizard and can be found water along healthy waterways in Sydney. The genus Physignathus was described by George Cuvier in based on water type specimen of japanese people nude genus; the Green Water Dragon, Physignathus cocincinus of south-east Asia.

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The name Physignathus translates to "puff-cheek" and refers to the grannypornvidoes appearance of the throat and lower jaw. Physignathus comprises dargon recognised species; Physignathus lesueurii and Physignathus concincinus. The specific name lesueurii honours the French naturalist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur who collected this species on the Baudin expedition of A recent taxonomic review concluded that the Australian species of Physignathus shows enough differing characteristics to classify it in its own genus, since Physignathus was first assigned to P.

Chinese Water Dragon

In the species was officially renamed Itellagama lesueurii. The Water Dragon can be identified by a distinctively deep angular head and nuchal crest of spinose scales that joins the vertebral crest extending down the length of its body to the dargon. Enlarged spinose scales are also present across the young assvideo surface, unevenly distributed amongst regular keeled scales.

The jowls are large and ear is exposed and of almost equal size of the eye.

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The dorsal ridge and tail are laterally compressed and the limbs are strong and robust with particularly long toes on the hind legs.