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The girls released softcore movies all under Viva Filmsviva well as a full-length album containing songs with double entendre and highly controversial meanings. The group rose to fame after the release of Hotstuff and Hotstuff 2 pornographic magazines, which created a stir in the early s.

Their debut single "Bulaklak" was one of the most controversial and critically panned songs of the s, due to its double entendre and underlying sex themes. In the s, Viva Films had successfully molded screen favorites like Joyce Jimenez and Rica Peralejowhose softcore movies raked in millions for the production company. Former teen star Xxx moovie Taylor and Kristine Hotbabes were among the first to join the group, after their breakthrough stint in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, Tatarin.

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They were officially introduced to the public upon the release of the much-publicized Hotstuff magazine, with the inclusion of actress Andrea del Rosario. Hotstuff magazine sold extremely well during the first month it was issued, havingcopies of the magazine sold in just four weeks, which forced Viva Entertainment to print 4, copies for the rest of the year.

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After a dispute between the publishers regarding the photos used for the magazine, Taylor left the group to concentrate on a solo career. She remained being managed under Viva Entertainment despite her fall-out with the Hotstuff publishers, and continued to co-star in movies with other existing members like Santos and del Rosario.

Viva Hot Babes

The girls were initially marketed as a pool of upcoming sexy screen sirens, two of which were launched before the actual formation of the group.

Maui Taylor viva formally introduced in 's Gamitanas well as Katya Santos in Sukdulan early in just before official line-up was finalized.

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Throughout each of the vedio individual activity vedio the movies, only three managed to obtain leading status: