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Video games nude

Nudity and sex have always been weird stigmas when it comes to video games. There are countless games which let you maim, dismehttps: Nevertheless, there are a few games which have been brave enough video depict pixellated nudity and sex over the years. Some games manage to do it in a mature and realistic way while others take a slightly different approach.

16 games where you play naked characters

Even when video games were nothing more than a bunch of splodgy, barely identifiable pixels, developers attempted to make the most of the games resources available to them. Players have to dodge falling arrows so they can get to a naked Native American women tied to a pole on the other side of the screen.

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When they do, Custer thrusts the woman from behind. Yeah right. The hapless adventures of Larry Laffer from Leisure Suit Larry became one of the most enduring series in the adult-themed games game fuckimagesplay. The series got smuttier and smuttier as it went on after all, it started out as an video text adventure gamebut Leisure Suit Larry was always more nude raunchy raciness and double entendres than it was explicit nudity. Nevertheless, few video games are based around the adventures of a middle aged man nude desperately to lose his virginity, so for that Leisure Suit Larry deserves its place in adult video game history.