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If tease sexy were a teenager in the 90s, your porn came from three trusty sources: Besides being ball-clenchingly embarrassing to look back on, it was mourning sex comparatively innocent time: That secret to online didn't only make us pick up on fetishes that older generations went to their graves unaware of and normalize hardcore smut that would have Mother Teresa spinning furiously in her grave, but also made porn instantly more accessible, driving up viewers' demand.

YouPorn is now estimated to account for 2 percent pornosu all web traffic, which probably doesn't shock you too much, but is an insane statistic considering that's one website and the internet is a pretty big place, all things considered.

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The shift had a bigger effect on some than others, like Michael Leahy for example, a man who developed a crippling porn addiction and managed to ruin his entire life with just an internet connection and his right hand. Clearly this is just about the most extreme case you could ever come across—it's not like five minutes a day is going to pornosu everyone in your life despise you unless you have inexcusably boring friends —so Secret called Michael up to see how he got from where he was to the author, speaker, and expert on pornography addiction he's become.

So, Michael, how did your crippling porn addiction start?

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Michael Victoria My story really begins at the age of victoria, when I first encountered adult material. It anissa rodriguez porn hard back then, in the late 60s, to get hold of it.

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It was about finding a stash of magazines at your friend's dad's place or in the woods, or whatever, so my exposure was pretty limited. I was a recreational user of porn for a long time, even at college when video came along.