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Very taboo cunt

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As I got deeper into my studies of medieval literature at Oxford, I would stumble and restumble across this pleasant thud of a word. Although it is associated with misogyny, it is nothing like the n-word, nor any other rightly stigmatized racist epithet, because it was never a commonly used tool for oppression.

The most offensive curse word in English has powerful feminist origins

It has mangivingwomanoralsex been an obscene word since the seventeenth very anyway. As a noun it meant vulva, in a neutral sort of way.

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While pitching this article in a meeting, I heard grown men giggling. Or rather, the reason is that words have meanings arbitrarily assigned to them, according to a vast social cunt co-signed by all its speakers at any given moment in history. Perhaps dirty words associated with genitalia have accrued more taboo in the United States because it is a more religious culture.

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Discourage men from using it, sure. It is Trump who has lowered the tone of public discourse in Taboo, not Bee. He tweets ungrammatical nonsense. Bee has been strong-armed into apologizing for a rhetorical flourish of which Chaucer would have been proud.