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This sex was great just a nice place for a quick stop it is was very busy but yet they tried to help everyone as very as they could.

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It is a very friendly bunch of people there the nice is something to be seen the sex shop can display prices as there were no prices if you want to know you had to ask but this is a must STOP if you go past there on Route It's in the middle of nowhere, and very funky.

Staff was friendly, food mediocre, but who cares? We get to say we were there!

Personally I think this Pub lost its personal touch. It is very more the strange pub in the middle of the Karoo but rather a watering hole with a mirror to powder your nose.

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Bottom line it is not what it used to be. Just one of those silly, quirky places one hears about from all and sundry so had to stop there on our way to Montagu on the R Apart from there being more dust around than I had imagined the rest was very much as expected. Ronnie is a really happy character greeting everyone teen girl pone nice big smile pouring drinks from his extremely over decorated fun bar.