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Sofia Vergara Sex Life Secrets You May or May Not Want to Know

Fellas, get ready for four little words that will make your head spin and heart swoon: Sofia Vergara is single. Emmys Bombshell: Not saying that was Sofia's intention—gal is truly as sweet as she seems—but there's no denying that Sofia has become a worldwide sex symbol since Modern Family 's debut on the boob tube just three years ago.

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And Nick? Well, he's still an environmental businessman.

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Sofia's popularity was just beginning to transfomer girl topless when the voluptuous goddess hooked up with the sexy entrepreneur. Gal's busy posing topless for the likes of GQ Mexicoand her year-old curves are nabbing slots on every best-body list far above most year-olds in the biz.

So incredibly refreshing to hear vergarasex Colombian beauty totally own her success—her candid nature when talking about just how damn desirable she is has to be our favorite thing about the comedy queen.

Is Sofia Vergara's Sex Appeal Responsible for Her Rumored Break-Up?

But, it can't be easy to see your girlfriend's breasts being ogled vergarasex men across the vergarasex, and we have to wonder whether Ms. Vergara's TMI 'tude played a role in the split. Sofia's certainly never had any qualms dishing on her perfect bod—she told us vergarasex at the Emmy's that she loves talking about her figure and she even ' fessed to us that she went commando at the Golden Globes.