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Venezuala teens

Venezuela has one of the most diverse ethnic backgrounds but nonetheless has one of the most stable national identities in South America.

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Traditional gender southern nude bhabhi are present in Venezuela with men taking on more demanding labor intense work and women relegated to domestics.

However, women are more and more a part of the general workforce, increasing their economic standing and discarding the exclusive domestic burden of the household and child rearing.

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Most homes are made up of nuclear families with extended family nearby. If members migrate, Venezuelans make every effort to keep in contact with the distant relative. Parents are expected to teens everything for their child and most children live venezuala home until they are married.

Both parents play a part in raising children, with additional help from extended family. Children are raised to teens friendly, generous, and good-natured.

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Baseball is the national sport of Venezuela and many young boys dream of playing the major leagues in the U. Soccer is played, though not as popular as in the rest of Latin America. Teens play video and computer games and in cities, parents will often sign up their children for after—school venezuala activities.

Rural children enjoy riding bicycles, playing football soccer and baseball in open spaces.