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Velma dinkley feet

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Velma Dinkley is a main character of the Scooby-Doo series. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in a multitude of topics, from technology to the most obscure information.

Velma Dinkley

She is often the one to figure out the mystery, and often use a Scooby Snack to get the easily scared Scooby-Doo involved in a mission. Her most famous catchphrases semi nude males "Jinkies! Does this imply that Velma is a dinkley deep down? Velma is barefoot for a single shot probably an animation error when she opens the door and lets the duo inside, but in the subsequent shots she wears a pair of fluff white slippers.

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In "A Bicycle Built for Boo! Everywhere else before and after she wears big bulky white socks under the shoes, though. Velma, dressed in a pink ballerina tutu, performs as a velma assistant, but she doesn't take it fondly at all when a magician's hand comes to life feet pulls off one of her high-heeled pink shoes.

In "The Curse of Kaniaku" Velma is seen wearing a kimono with wooden sandals and white socks while in Japan. Velma is a character in these animations which do not yet have any confirmed barefoot scenes in them. When one is found, a section may be created for them.