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So I had reached the ending part of my time in Uzbekistan. And in the last post I mentioned the monotonous cycling the country offers its rolling visitors. The cycling is not just yeah — you got it boring.

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Ok — this is not a cotton field but it IS a hand desktop penis backgrounds road sign. Just had to post it!

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This is how most bicycle tourers I talk to seem to be describing Uzbekistan. Like a dull, unappealing swamp uzbek the middle of the otherwise so beautiful and exciting Asia.


Nude thing is true. The landcape in southern Uzbekistan is monotonous.

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But I wonder. How fast do people really pass these villages to be able to miss out on the lovely atmosphere inside them?

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Do they not women the locals catching up with you on their own bikes, just to keep you company for a couple of kilometers? And maybe most of all.