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Unzipped her pants

UNZIPits: The Pants That Were Designed to Be Left Unzipped, by Sarah Hutto

UNZIPits were born out of the all-too-common struggle to capture the effortless charm of the unzipped pant while avoiding having the cops called on you for indecent exposure. UNZIPits allow unzipped the freedom to combine boardroom confidence and bedroom swagger, all in one two-legged package.

When you are wearing UNZIPits, air is able to flow freely around your reproductive organs without getting you put on one pants those lists you have to warn your neighbors about. Everybody wins! More and more, people are getting tired of trying to maintain productivity while their family jewels are squashed behind an oppressive zipper.

Rakul Preet Singh posts unzipped pants photo: Her followers ask 'is it girl power'?

A recent medical study has shown that it is actually detrimental to your health not to allow your privates to breathe out in the open all day, every day. In fact, 4 out of 5 privates specialists now agree that for the human race to continue to thrive, the abandonment of zipped flies is a must.

We did years of research to make the perfect unzipped pant to fit you and your active, professional lifestyle. During this research period, her had a few crucial questions to answer.

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