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If you're looking for fun and unusual acts for your upcoming event then look no further than our hilarious old men mix and mingle comedy act.

Europe & Middle East

Our roving performers will take on the identities of two old men that includes various props including a unusalsexacts cart, medals, and humbugs to fully immerse your event in comedic gold putting on one of the best funny shows your unusalsexacts will ever experience. Our engaging entertainment will see our two talented roving performers display various skits that include a hilarious fight routine, teasing, and even dancing with guests. Our mix and mingle experts will be the talk of your event as they keep the laughs rolling for hours.

A hilarious funny show that is sure unusalsexacts captivate deformed genitals pictures at any size events.

We know More

Our skilled performers have years of experience putting on street comedy acts at various city centres, and are always a delight to see in person. Our engaging entertainment performance will help guests create unforgettable memories as our old men duo are hugely popular when it sex contracts to photo opportunities as unusalsexacts pose in character displaying their lifelike mannerisms, stunning masks and believable costumes. This unusual act will fit within the guidelines of most themes and can be adapted depending on your events requirements.

A hilarious duo of roving performers that will engage audiences in a hilarious emotional experience created by stark humour and conversation, our unusual acts will bring fun to your event and is the ideal entertainment choice for club nights, private parties, street unusalsexacts, corporate events, and many more.

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