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Ugly bull dyke

Butch Dykes

Other adjectives bull apply are " butch ugly "goth," and "camp. Sung to the tune dyke " surf city " Well theres 2 big bull dykes for every dude And all you gotta ask is "Who brought the 'ludes?? A Bull Dyke is built like a tank and is not afraid to use her nude ebony aunties to pound you into the wall!!! Beware all men that cross her!!! Don't mess wit dat bull dyke man, she's wear'n steel capps and knuckle busters!

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Is that a man? No man!

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It's a Bull Dyke! Why do they call'em bull dykes man? A female human who, in a supreme effort to be trendy, cuts her hair short, has her front teeth sharpened, and wears men's clothes and a leather collar with spikes around it.