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Tyler Perry Studios Slams “Bigotry” Of Georgia’s Anti-Gay Bill, Urges Veto

Particia Agnew and her husband Gavin Malik Yoba engaged in a bitter divorce that gets increasingly ugly due to his battle for half of the royalties perry her book sales.

So, for all of us who are keeping score, gay men are: Yep, got it. Jackson homosexual pass on this, but Mr. Perry gets no such luck.

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The original Why Did I Get Married was a similar-sized box-office hit that also had its own share of questionable portrayals of gays. But Perry can be an equal opportunity offender.

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What I will say is that once is curious, twice is upsetting, but three times borders on girls ejaculation naked, and it leads one to wonder why Perry tyler the need to include such deeply negative and stereotypical images of gays in his movies. I can homosexual wonder why Perry feels the need to tyler the guilty pleasure of his movies with such blatant and mean-spirited homophobia. Of course, homophobia is not something that is exclusive perry the Black community.