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Trinidadian naked

A project of Global Voiceswe are a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and activists dedicated to protecting freedom of porno de salvadorenas online. Online data privacy protection and government surveillance have become key issues following the leak of hundreds of nude photos of Trinidadian women and girls.

Trinidad and Tobago has found itself in embroiled in trinidadian scandal involving hundreds of nude photos of young Trinidadian women and girls being circulated online and through mobile apps. Police suspect it is part of an online pornography ring, and that some naked the photographs are being sold.


The leak allegedly affected women and girls who shared their photos with people they trusted. The photos were subsequently shared with an online database.

NAKED GIRLS IN VAN « Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

One victim said that her face was photoshopped onto another woman's body. Those affected have come together and formed a revenge porn support group and some have told their stories trinidadian the media. The country's Children's Act advocates imprisonment for those convicted of making, distributing and even accessing naked pornography online.

For adults affected, the consequences are less clear. At least according to one lawyer, remedy for adults may be limited to civil lawsuits.