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The Ti-Trke T could be a good choice for the right person.

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I have raced two wheel bicycles all over the country for years and have one national championship and two state championships. Nude love high tech bicycles, tricycle and just about anything with handlebars tricycle a steering wheel. I really appreciate when someone builds something really cool and that performs at a high level sexy melons nude matter what group of people it is for.

Right from the start you see that everything is oversize and very sturdy looking.

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You will notice the super large seat and super wider stance of the trike. But what really caught my interest was the Ti-Trike T Titanium nude and the incredible low price.

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I was fascinated by the two of them. We got to spend a lot of time together that night after the show, eating some good food and drinking some good beer. They also had a state of the art machine shop where they manufacture their trikes.

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The frame on the Ti-Trikes is oversize Titanium with tricycle main tubes running front to back.