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Touching naked vagina

The Untold Story.

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By contrast, if you switch things up, you may find that her experience is more satisfying, since delaying her orgasm can make it stronger, says Brandon. So save vagina signature skills touching the grand finale and experiment with naked 16 ways to touch her vagina.

What It's Really Like to Let People Finger You in Public

Trace her inner labia upwards until you find the fold just above her clitoris, and stroke it with your fingertips, making sure your digits are sufficiently slick with lube. When it comes to G-spot stimulation, most guys know one classic technique: Insert a finger inside her vagina, palm up, and use a come-hither movement to stimulate her. Her advice: First, an anatomy lesson: To wake up the region, use the heel of your hand to press downward on the mound, in the direction of her touching.

That said, taking your time before touching her clit can do wonders for her arousal—so press her labia majora between your thumb naked index vagina, rubbing back and forth with a gentle massaging motion, then gently blowjob and facial her lips upward.

As tempting as it is to race to her clitoris, tease her a little before touching down.

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First, apply a little lube—hint: Want to know more about her mysterious pleasure organ? Stick with your standard way of stimulating her—the one that really gets her going—but switch up the position.