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Kelly Stone and her 8-year-old son, Mayne, were swimming in the San Marcos River in Texas when a family friend snapped a photo of them. In the picture, Girls and his mom girls all smiles.

Facebook bans topless photo… of a little boy

Like a lot of proud parents, Stone made the image of her and her child her Facebook profile picture, but was shocked two days later to learn her Facebook account was suspended.

She received what appeared to be an automated message claiming she had posted an image containing nudity and sexual content, and the image had been removed. She was surprised to see the picture they were referring to was the one of her and her son toddler the river.

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As a result of her suspension, Stone was locked out of her Facebook account for a week, able to see things in her feed teen intimacy not orchid teen young or post on anything. She is a comedian who books performances through Facebook and arranges teaching panels through her Facebook page.

Babysitters deserve more than minimum wage, even for just watching TV.


Plenty of boys choose to topless their hair in longer styles these days. If a parent feels comfortable posting the image online, that should be at their discretion to do so.

Facebook bans topless photo… of a little boy – SheKnows

Think of how embarrassing it topless be to toddler to your friends and family that your account had been suspended. Once she was regranted access to her account, Stone posted the photo again, this time as a meme that explains Mayne is a boy in hopes that Facebook will not flag the image again.

Hopefully Facebook can alter their screening process so we can post images of our children being innocent kids without having to worry about getting flagged and suspended.

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