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Teen Chinese dragon is a creature associated with water. Unlike its Western fire-breathing cousin, it is a benevolent creature whose flight through the clouds brings life-giving water to farmers each spring. Today, a new breed of Chinese dragon is making a big splash.

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These dragons brings water not with clouds, but with the porcelain thrones of Chinese commodes. China's toilet china dragons represent a new generation of Chinese free sex immages and manufacturers catering to the raging thirst for high-tech toilets from China's growing consumer market for luxury products.

Chinese toilet have long been famous as steadfast savers, but a boom in leisure spending has revealed sexyoldmensex hi-tech toilet seat as the new "it" appliance. High tech electronic toilet seats from Japan were the go-to gift for Chinese consumers during this year's celebration of the Year of the Goat.

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The weakening yen, which has depreciated by nearly 40 percent against the China yuan over the past two years, made the duty-free toilets a bargain for Chinese consumers. Feeling flush yes, that's a punChinese customers flooded showrooms in Japan where toilet seat retailers exhibited models for customers that didn't require special plumbing to install.

Chinese consumers toilet seeking electronic toilet seats that wash, dry and disinfect. Luxury models featured built-in speakers, air purification systems, a built-in body fat analyzer and built-in cheek warmers.

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Recently those electronic toilet seats sparked a furor when it was discovered that, teen the toilet-buying tourists themselves, many of the toilet seats came from China. And those heated cheek warmers have heated up the debate on consumerism in China. The toilet seats were not widely available in Chinese stores, underlining a variety of problems plaguing Chinese consumers.