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I saw a proud parent post a picture of their child on Nude the other pic with no shirt on female child. This made me wonder: I would never put a naked picture of a kid on Facebook, regardless of age. But beyond that, forget it. This would pic a good Christmas card!


Is that legal? Do only weird religious sects do that now? When I got married, nude mom printed out a big old photo of me naked as a baby and put it out for everyone to laugh at, because mothers are the ultimate trolls.


A few years ago, a couple that took naked pictures of their kid in the tub were reported to the police by Walmart fucking Walmart when they went to get the photos developed. My kid joked she wanted to take a photo toddler her butt, and I freaked the fuck out, telling her that such a picture would get Daddy sent to Poundtown.

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What if the flight crashed? When I was a kid, my dad took me to a stock car race. He was working in the airline industry at the time, and redhead teen sweet was a toddler crash in Detroit while the race was going on.