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Tiny myspace girl

Aug 29, 3: Ah, Girlsdoingsexlive. Lots of selfie bathroomsexdesi If you were like me and my friends in middle school, every moment was an opportunity for myspace pics.

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After school hang out? Chilling in my basement?

29 Things You'll Only Remember If You Were A Myspace Kid

The ability to broadcast myspace painted nude pussy taste Your crush wore a Blink shirt to school yesterday? While maintaining a personal playlist for your page might have been a lot of work, and annoying to anyone viewing your page with the sound on, you have to admit it was kind of fun.

How are we supposed to let our crush know we like the same bands as him now, huh?

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The lyric quote under a selfie thing is a little basic, and no one appreciates someone who shares music on FB every two second either. In a way, this was basically the Myspace equivalent of the Facebook relationship request, if tiny got a boyfriend, you immediately moved him to number one- obvi!

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This left me with lots of bitter friends… and constant rearranging of the sacred Top 8. Sophisticated Artwork When you finished your stupid Biology homework, the rest of your night was spent finding the perfect art for your page.

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Does your girl bring all the boys to the yard? Whatever it is, nothing can express it better than some glitter and clipart! Expressing your artistic creativity We were obviously all profound and deep 13 year olds, and what better way to delve into those depths than on Myspace?

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