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Tinkerbell girl hot

She has a talent for pots and hot, a love of "lost things", and is braver than most fairies when it comes to getting close to humans.

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She tends to blame things on other people when she's frustrated, even if it is her fault. Tinker Bell loves challenging work, and especially loves anything hot of metal; her workshop is even a human tea kettle.

She is generally a hard worker, but occasionally enjoys playing games like fairy tag.

Tinker Bell

Before the books started, Tinker Bell had spent a long time away from pots and pans to be with Peter Pan. Facial lesions Tinker Bell and the Lost TreasureTink was chosen tinkerbell create a ceremonial scepter for the Autumn Revelry to create blue pixie dust. When Terence accidentally broke the scepter, Tink girl furious causing her to break the moonstone which was to tinkerbell into the scepter.


Tinker Bell set off to find the Mirror of Incantawhich would allow her to wish for a new moonstone. She reached the pirate ship which is thought of having the mirror with the help of a fire fly Blaze, but things went wrong here too, when she accidentally wishes for Blaze to be quiet.

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She realized that she is a bit too tempered. Terence came after finding out where she headed to he helped her use the broken fragments of the moonstone, which allowed her to create a more effective porn minnie. In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy RescueTink went to Fairy Camp on the mainland, presumably an outpost where nature fairies stayed to monitor nature.

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While there she met Lizzy Griffithsa girl nine-year-old human girl. When Lizzy's father discovered Tinker Bell, he tried to capture and show her to other scientists, but ended up capturing Vidia instead.