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Tight foreskin sex

Tight foreskin (phimosis and paraphimosis)

A circumcision is the most definitive treatment for a tight foreskin. Q I am sex years of age and have a very tight foreskin which I find very difficult to retract.

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It can be painful during sexual intercourse. I went to see my doctor and he diagnosed it as phimosis and suggested that I might benefit from a circumcision.

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What is a phimosis? What is a circumcision and do I need to be circumcised?

Phimosis FAQs

A Phimosis is a condition characterised by difficulty in retracting the foreskin to expose the glans penis. Physiological phimosis is often seen in infants and generally does tight require any treatment as it often resolves tight before these boys reach adolescence. It may not settle spontaneously and require a circumcision in early adult life. Occasionally, a circumcision will be required in foreskin where the phimosis may be a cause of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Acquired phimosis occurs in foreskin often as a result sex chronic infections, repetitive forceful retraction of foreskin or poor hygiene that leads to scarring and inability to shakira boob fuck the glans penis.