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Australian Morgana Muses might just be the ultimate late bloomer. Divorced at 45 after years of miserable marriage, raw nude girls 47 she had her first encounter with a male escort and discovered sex wasn't so bad after all.


Inshe turned that encounter into the stuff of a pornographic movie in which she starred. She's since gone on to write, direct and star in many more.

She is now, at 54, a revered, respected and much-awarded "icon" of the porn industry, with a day job in a sex shop in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. What happened to shame? It's a big moment for this mother of two, whose daughters have some idea of what she adult but whose wider family have disowned her.

The film follows Morgana's life from rough-and-tumble childhood games in the opal tunnels movie Coober Pedy to a largely sexless marriage in Albury, much of it traced with inventive use of miniatures crafted by Peppard, whose background is in stop-motion and horror. She describes the film as a three-way collaboration.

Much of the more adult stuff in the film was shot by Hess, Morgana's year-old cinematographer and the collaborator. The pair met five or six years ago when Hess, who was still a film student, scored some work on Morgana's third film, directed by one of Hess's lecturers at Swinburne, Anna Brownfield.

While it's primarily a portrait of Morgana's journey from powerless despair to body-positive agency, the film can't help but shine a light on the little-known world of pornographic filmmaking in Australia.

And the body-positive, queer-skewing, feminism-inflected space it reveals is far from the morally murky terrain of mainstream porn.