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Thai play boy

By Banana7December 15, in Pattaya Forum.

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This afternoon at the Hardrock Hotel, there was a special function for Honda, where 10 Play models, dressed in bunny outfits were showing off their beautiful bodies. Absolutely amazing, thin waists, BIG boobs, sexy long legs. Does anyone know where they clintwood and nude thai are staying?

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And you didn't even take a picture to post on this play I haven't bought a Playboy in many years but I am interested in boy the November issue since I know the Thai model. This may be a very obvious answer but thai I don't go looking for them I have never seen a Playboy for sale.

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Where can I get an issue in Central Pattaya? Any suggestions where one might be would be appreciated. Like I said I don't look for this stuff so clearly I haven't noticed any around between sex lesiban massage parlors and money exchange booths. Guess you don't have an answer for me.

Thai playboy king anoints lover as his official concubine

Just walked 3 km. Didn't see a single magazine shop along where I boy on Soi Buakhao and 3rd Road.

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You wish lol. They're staying at Apex Hotel on Second Road.

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