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SANFORD — The legal fight between pro wrestling diva Terri Runnels and the nude she's suing over sexually-explicit photos was ratcheted up a notch today when the man's wwf told a judge to expect a counter-claim. Retired wrestler New Jack, whose real name is Nude Young, will counter-sue Runnels, alleging that she infected him with a sexually-transmitted disease, said his lawyer, Derek Brett.

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Runnels, 44, blonde and voluptuous and dressed in a black terri suit, sat next to her lawyer during today's minute hearing and said nothing. It ended this summer. The judge issued a temporary injunction three weeks ago but scheduled today's hearing to give both parties a chance to present evidence.

Young's attorney said there was no need for a permanent injunction because Young destroyed the photos and sold the cell phone on which they were stored. Runnels' attorney, Alan Stagmeier, urged the judge to issue one anyway, saying Young may have stashed the photos in a lockbox or given them to a friend. Schoonover extended her wwf ban indefinitely and said she'd decide later what to sexo videos pornos about making it permanent.

Ex-lover to wrestler Terri Runnels: I destroyed your nude photos, but now I'm going to sue you

The photos are only a small part of the dispute. Runnels sued Young for terri last month, alleging that shortly after their breakup, he'd made comments, on Facebook and elsewhere, calling her an alcohol and drug abuser and accusing her of infecting him with sexually transmitted diseases.

She also accused him of disclosing private medical facts and intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

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His statements, according to her suit, were malicious and untrue.