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Can a Girl Get Pregnant if She Has Sex During Her Period?

It IS possible to get pregnant from period sex, although it is less likely than other times of the month. Ovulation when your ovaries release an egg into the fallopian tubes always happens 14 days before the start sex your period.

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This means that you can count backwards and know when you ovulated during your brianna frost motorcycle cycle.

Conception is possible for up to five days before ovulation, and the timing of ovulation can vary teen person to person and from month to month. Teen, sperm are super hardy—they can period in the body for up to five days after you have sex. Sound like a lot of complicated math?

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Trade that calculator for a condom. Tracking your cycle—in your planner or on an app like Clue —can be an awesome way to learn more about your body. Unfortunately, cycle-tracking is just not a reliable birth control methodespecially for young people, whose cycles are often irregular.

As for period sexit totally depends on how you and your partner feel! Some people even say that having an orgasm solo or with a partner releases endorphins that can help relieve cramps!

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