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Saturday, January 30, Suzie Malone's stories from the road! My name is Suzie Malone, I'm an Australian Burlesque showgirl, and have been performing in the United nude for the past 4 years! I've been performing since I was 3, and have'nt been able to get off the stage since! In this country, I'm what's called a "Feature Entertainer".


So, here it is, if anyone out there is interested in malone non edited version of a traveling Burlesque Showgirls adventures, stay tuned, as I will be updating my blog regularly from suzie road on each gig I do. The Beginning!!!!

In a nut shell, I started dancing at age 3, a little while later I was pushed on stage in a pink tutu with a microphone thrust into my hand and had to tell everyone "I was the Christmas Fairy and would wave my magic wand and make suzie the toys come to life and dance! I nude know if it was the glamour of my sequin tutu, or the makeup on my face, or just the limelight to only shine on me, but I have'nt looked back since.