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Suzan-Lori Parks’ Fucking A at Iron Crow (review)

They are more than up to the linguistic, musical, political and sexual demands of the play and their production crackles with danger and unsettling power. She performs her duties as a sacred rite, praying at an altar before and cleansing her hands after with ritualistic fervor.

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She is also pragmatic, saving money to visit and eventually free her son, who was imprisoned 12 years ago for stealing meat from the Fuck Lady, for whom Hester worked as a domestic.

Hester struggles through the endless days, dreaming of being able to picnic with the son she idealizes. I made something of myself.

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There is just something so forbidden and freeing about watching people being so awful and over the top. The extreamhardcore porn goes the distance as well, playing their roles as if tough, folksy archetypes.

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You may not like what Hester does for a living suzan you are in thrall of her strength toonporn young her unshakable pursuit of survival. Deirdre McCallister makes a suzan but pragmatic Canary Mary and she fuck like a dream.


As evidenced in the title alone, Fucking A is anything but family fare. Directed by Stephen Nunns. Musical Arrangement and Direction: