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Striping for sex

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While standing front and center striping front of a sexual partner and slowly removing your clothes might sound like a nightmare come to life, it can actually be super sexy and empowering under the right circumstances read: Here, Jacqueline Frances aka Jacq the Strippera stripper, illustrator, writer, and comedian, shares her best tips for beginners sex want to tap into their inner performers.

With a striptease, creating physical distance between you and your partner can be really hot. If all you need is a shot of tequila, take one! She suggests wearing fabrics that feel good on your for, that you enjoy touching, and are easy to take off aka not jeans.

17 Ways to Do a Non-Awkward Striptease

Frances says she prefers a simple three-minute song, but for tastes and experiences may differ. Or does it make her ache when you waltz around her all hotest black pornstar and dismissively?

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Striping says to face your partner and peel your shirt upward. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter and Instagram. Her latest book, Striptasticcame out in April and can be purchased on Amazon. Type keyword s to search.

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