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Stephanie beachamnude

Imperious and with a great ass, Moroccan-born actress Stephanie Beacham created the template for the beachamnude hot network-TV bitch. From the years throughblonde and buxom Beacham inhabited Sable Colby on the prime-time soaps The Colbys and Dynasty.

Stephanie Beacham nude

Stephanie's sugar-glazed sneer, rock-candy eyes, and alpha-female physique made her one of the most alluring bitch characters in the history of women who snarl. She'd had many years of practice in the role, to judge from her title turn in Super Bitch This Italian production relied as much upon Beacham's bod as it did her mean demeanor.

Youthful and blonde, Stephanie cracks a butt smile during stephanie bed-top romp, lounges on her back with her billowing breasts to the air, squirms ebony naked booty her belly with stephanie butt up, then swings her knockers and scrubs her muff in a steamy shower sequence.

A clean bitch is a godly bitch. Horror Planet - as Kate. Super Bitch - beachamnude Super Bitch. Dracula A.

Stephanie Beacham

The Nightcomers - as Miss Jessel. Bad Girls - as Phyllida Oswyn. Beverly Hills, - as Iris McKay. The Colbys - as Sable Colby. Kristen Westphalen.