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Squirting party

How To Please A Woman: Fri, May 10,7: The female body is intricate, complex, and beautiful. Every vulva is different, like a snowflake.

The ultimate squirting party.

While there is no "one size fits all" techniques when it comes to pleasing a vulva owner there are many tried and true techniques, tips and tricks to use like an explorer on an expedition. Expect a refresher on female anatomy in the different states of arousal using live models for demonstration. How to please a woman is about more than just physical touch. Learn the art of communication when it comes to making a lover feel safe, comfortable and valued. Take inventory on party responses to understand what type of approach and touch is best suited for them.

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Instructors Dominus Eros and Lola Jean will teach various squirting manipulation as well as oral techniques that can be well applied to any type of planet eva girl or external stimulation.

Watch out for the Splash Zone!