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Spoooning sex gif

Spooning is great for intimacy — it's basically just a cuddle and fuck combined — but sometimes, you want moooorrrrrrrre. Here's what to do:.

Spooning Sex GIFs

First, press your legs firmly together for a tighter feel. Second, tilt your pelvis down a little so your clit is getting more contact with the top of his penis. Third, fill his hand with lube and press it between your legs so he's cupping you.

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He glides his hand up your vulva on the out thrusts, down gif the in. For a more spoooning vibe, lean your body forward and curl up — it's like you were in doggie, but fell on your sides. Slide your feet back between his legs while he holds mothers pussy your hips to pull you deeper onto him for OMG-level penetration.

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If you like fast, explosive sex with lots of thrusting, lift your upper leg up and hook it back around his butt. He props himself up on an elbow and grabs ahold of your thigh for the sex vigorous thrusts you crave. Position yourself near a wall or headboard and prop a hand or foot against it for leverage to match him thrust for thrust.

Nestle yourself between your partner's legs and guide the sexy, sexy spray of the detachable shower head between your legs.

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