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Spanked naked daughter

Ask Your Question today. I am 19 years old girl Yes I have been spanked while I am naked it happened a lot of times. The last time Naked was spanked was because I was doing very bad at school daughter my father was not happy with my grades and I was 18 when this happened my dad told me to talk my clothes of so I took my pants and my t-shirt of and I was standing with a bra and a thong he was very mad and said all your clothes so I took all my clothes off and I was completely naked he spanked and my family saw me naked I haded two younger brothers they saw me naked then my father told my to go to my room I was so sad that night but I deserved that and I think pornograghy movies latest is not that bad because it may help you improve spanked self.


I was spanked till the age pf 12 buy my father. Then i started getting un comftorable with it as i knew spanks can be sexualizyed.

Yes im a girl. And yes i was half naked like you Its normally as a kid.

Did you ever get spanked while naked by your parents?

But, decades ago, it was. And, there was nothing sexual about it.

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Even in Christ's day, you were stripped naked and whipped in the public square. The beating was not only more brutal physically, naked who had to watch knew what they DIDN'T want to end up getting, so, it kept the people in line!

Real life adult daughters still spanked | A Voice in the Corner

I was sometimes beaten by my Father. Usually, it was with an old leather belt, and, sometimes we had to pull down our pants, he'd hold us by our arm so we couldn't get away, other times, he spanked smacked is through the clothes we had on. As I got older, I daughter not want my sisters to see me with my pants down.