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In Apache country, the half-native Chato shoots the local sheriff in self-defence, and finds himself hunted by a posse of ex-Confederates, who rape his wife and sonia her hogtied in the open as a bait to trap him. Ignoring the bait, Chato uses his superior fieldcraft skills to lure each of the posse to their sonia. The film can be classified in the revisionist Western nude, which was at its height nude the time, with a dramatising of racism and oblique referencing of the Vietnam war. The original screenplay was written by Gerry Wilson.

The film opens as the half- Apache Chato orders a drink at a bar.

Sonia Rangan nude

The bartender ignores him and serves the local sheriff who has arrived after Chato. The sheriff calls Chato a " redskin " and tells him the bar is for whites only. He moves behind Chato while hurling a stream of abuse at him.

The sheriff's taunts escalate, and he draws his gun while saying that he is going rangan kill Chato.

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Chato whirls around and shoots the sheriff in the gut, killing him, in self-defense. He bleach sex characters out of town on his Appaloosa. As Captain Rangan and his posse ride across the country, it grows in number at each stop. It includes local ranchers and townspeople, along with a Mexican Mestizo ranch hand employed by one of these recruited ranchers, who is used as a scout and tracker. Chato calmly watches the posse's progress, staying one step ahead of them.

From a hilltop, he fires on them, drawing them into an ill-advised ascent.