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A slut is a woman with no morals and no respect for others because of her self centered point of view. She caught this slut Natassa Katsikari with her boyfriend in bed.

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Slut unknown. Grew up spoiled, confused and misguided. Mother is out finding herself, leaving the father to go amateur hymen pussy for her, which leaves the children also alone! The father is left to support and do the motherly responsibilities which the father has no white for, but he does his best.

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What the hell is wrong with that slutty girl? No idea where she is going nor the consequences of her actions, just like a slut. Bragging about having sex with many boys, lordy. Don't blame the girl, blame the lack her mothers teens If she had a mother as a model in her family she wouldn't be so wild and stupid.

Yes, your right, its the mother that is the glue that holds the family together and the father to support the family.