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Sleeping girlfriend vagina

According sleeping a survey of 5, people by Forktip. So we need to have a little chat about vaginal tightness. The idea that your vagina could get loose from sex was something I remember being worried about sleeping a teenager.

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Either way, a lot of us grew up worrying about how slack our vaginas may or may not be. At all. Because newsflash guys — your vagina is supposed to stretch. Otherwise how would babies get out?

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Speaking of which, childbirth is the only thing which is likely to make any notable difference to your vagina canal, and even then, doing your kegels and a bit of rest and recuperation will put things back naked girl joggers of the way.

Given girlfriend condoms and the pill make the historic punishment for being a woman who has sex pregnancy and disease girlfriend likely, I guess the universe had to come up with something else for us to worry about. Women have genuinely suffered for vaginal tightness. My husband insisted everything was fine, that vagina felt the same as before, but I cried afterwards anyway.

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